What We Do

We focus on solving a major problem in society by equipping low income, working single mothers with the tools that they need to improve their lives, increase their earning power and learn essential financial and life skills that will benefit the communities and work forces in which they live in the Tampa Bay, FL area.

Our core focus areas are education, financial literacy and life skills because we feel that with these nuggets, single mothers living in poverty or pay check to paycheck can improve her life and teach her children so that generational wealth and success is a likely possibility.

According to the US Census Bureau, the second largest household is a single mother household with approximately 17 million single mom households in the United States.

Per the Census Bureau “During the 1960-2016 period, the percentage of children living with only their mother nearly tripled from 8 to 23 percent and the percentage of children living with only their father increased from 1 to 4 percent. The percentage of children not living with any parent increased slightly from 3 to 4 percent.”

Single-parent families are among the poorest in the nation and as such, are extremely vulnerable to homelessness. Among all homeless families nationwide, over three quarters were headed by single women with children; two fifths were African Americans (43%). (Source: Singleparentguide.com)