Education Grants
Our goal is to provide educational grants to deserving, motivated single mothers to gain education or certification in an in demand field that does not have the financial means to do so.

Financial Grants
Our goal is to provide one time grants to single mothers to sit down with a professional financial adviser to get extensive expert advice on their finances in an effort to learn how to manage money, budget, invest and save on a more in depth, one on one basis.

We would like to grant a deserving single mother with a much needed car repair that my allow her to get to work and or school.

We would like to grant a single mother with gift cards for clothing and furniture stores to ensure that every child has decent clothes and shoes and a good bed to sleep on.

Computer Gift Program
This program is designed to help single mothers with a computer for a child in need that is in school or college.

Child Care Assistance Grants
Our goal is to provide a one time gift of child care assistance to a deserving single mother that is working, in school and focused on budgeting and saving. Child care is the second largest expense many single mothers have after rent/mortgage payments.

Annual Car Giveaway program- This annual gift through local donors will be used to gift a car to a working single mother.

Annual House Giveaway Program
This annual gift through local donors, based on availability will be used to gift a deserving single mother with a house.

Affordable Single Mom Community
Our objective is to use land donations to build a community of tiny houses to be built on for single mothers who make $20,000 or less a year.

Nationally the annual cost of center-based infant care averaged over 40% of the state median income for a single mother. About 32% for a school-age child (

In Oregon, Massachusetts and New York, a single mother of an infant ages 0-3 would have to pay more than half of her income for day care at a center. This is the case in many states.

Single mothers often spend over half of their income on housing expenses and a third on child care, leaving them with less money for educational expenses.

Without financial aid, single mother students — a total of about 2 million — have little or no means to contribute financially to their educational expenses.