Meet Our Board of Directors!

Natashia Shannon

Founder & CEO, Chair Executive Committee

Natashia Shannon is a married mother to 3 children and President & Founder of Moms On a Mission, Inc. Natashia moved to from the Washington, DC metropolitan to Tampa Bay in 2006 and has worked full time as an IT professional for the last 10 years and is a member of PMI, Working Women of Tampa Bay and Tampa Bay Blogger’s Association. Natashia attended St. Petersburg College and La Salle technical school in Tampa where she was certified in Project Management. Natashia works with several organizations in the Tampa Bay community to meet philanthropic needs through her employment with a Big 4 firm in Tampa. Natashia leads a corporate responsibility and diversity & inclusion group with her employer that currently provides clothing, food, school supplies, financial literacy and mentoring to Tampa youth from elementary to high school.

Natashia has a deep passion for single mothers as she was once one herself and knows first hand the struggles a single mother faces and the limited help that is available to them. Her mission is to be a hand up to working, motivated single mothers in Tampa to expose them to high earning career paths in the STEMs, financial literacy and life skills. She truly has a heart for those in need.

Moms On a Mission was a vision that Natashia had in 2009 to create after living as a single mother and struggling to make ends meet after a job loss. Natashia received a grant to go to technical school which she used to gain a certification in Project Management, that ultimately made her employable in a high demand field. The generosity that she received in the educational grant changed her life, income and she realized that if other single mothers had financial help to obtain higher education, buy books, pay for in demand certifications that they could too improve their livelihoods. Natashia’s inspiration from envisioning a place where hard working single mothers to go to become financially literate, get a laptop or dorm supplies for a child going off to college or school clothes for a child going back to school then we could not only change the lives of single mothers but of their children and generations to come and our community.


Joai Broughton

Vice President

Joai Broughton is a married mother of four. She holds a BA in Management from Northwood University. Joai, is also a Pastor’s wife and an ordained Pastor herself, with a passion for helping women on mission of self-discovery and aiding them to reach their greatest potential. She does this by reminding them of who they are and empowering them to be great.  

Professionally, Joai Broughton worked with Citibank for 15 years, she understands that hard work pays off, working her way from being a Jr. Buyer to an Assistance Vice President with the bank. In her career, she has a demonstrated track record of initiative, creativity, and motivation with a myriad of people whom she worked and mentored with a life changing results.  Currently, Joai is the President of a Software Company in Florida. Her professional approach, energetic, tenacity and positive attention to details are strong factors contributing to her success. Her years of working have exposed her to various life shifting experiences.

She is the Vice President of Moms on a Mission, Inc. A Non-Governmental Organization with the objectives to promote, encourage, empower and to improve the lives of individuals by providing an enabling environment where they can feel safe to dream, and to support the realization of their dreams through programs designed to foster academic, social and physical well-being.  Currently, as the Vice President of the organization, her commitment and inspiration comes from the passion and drive to help individuals to realize their dreams and to ensure that adequate education and development is achievable in the lives of individuals.

Joai Broughton, “believes that nothing can stop those who are determined to shine”. With resilience, tenacity and determination Joai believes that you can overcome any obstacle you face. Being a teenage parent herself, Joai had 2 children by the age of 16. She understands how it feels to have the odds against you but still have to keep it moving to survive. Joai not only finished high school, but obtain her bachelor’s degree with three children, while working full time. She often tells her mentee’s “If I can, you can!” On a personal note, Joai enjoys spending time with family and friends and uses her call and ministry, to impact and torch lives of people. Her inspiration and motivation as a career mother and pastor is to help mothers and individuals to find peace of mind, rediscover courage and confidence, and to experience a major breakthrough in life.

Her legacy and inspiration is to continue shaping business through workshop training and skill acquisition, market exposure, character refinement, and through honest, confident, and respectful communication between individuals, friends and families.

Heather Leigh


Heather Leigh joined Mom’s on a Mission in November 2016. She is responsible for overseeing all aspects of our foundation’s finances, including sound risk assessment, accurate financial reporting to the public, and maintaining the foundation’s compliance with all state and federal laws. Heather brings more than two decades of financial management experience, in the private sector, to Mom’s on a Mission, with focus on developing policies and procedures.

Heather currently works in enterprise asset management, providing solutions to firms in the life sciences, energy, and oil and gas industries. The Northern Virginia native moved to Miami, Florida in 2005, where she lives with her son.

Heather’s passion for the foundation stems from her own troubled childhood. As a successful, single mother, Heather would like to provide assurance of there always being ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’ and everything is possible.